Wednesday May 3 through Saturday May 5

Philadelphia, Pennsyvania

We are excited to be entering our 11th year presenting the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. Please see us on  FilmFreeway.com as Philadelphia Independent Film Festival to submit your film(s) for entry, and to purchase tickets for the festival. Please find us on Roku at Piff to preview the trailers that we have added thus far. Feel free to browse our previous selections.

We hope you will participate either in person at our screenings this year, or online via Piff on Roku. VOD options are made available in conjunction with the filmmakers by contract. Filmmakers may opt into the program when submitting via film freeway, or by applying via this page.


On Demand-Roku

We are excited to offer our filmmakers the opportunity to participate in our Video on Demand program through our Roku Channel Piff Films .

We continue to update the trailers for 2018 on Piff and we welcome you to add us to your Roku account.

Enabling expanded audience for independent film, and providing transparent revenue sharing  to the participating film community. We thrive on providing top quality media delivery on VOD via set-top-box and “smart” enabled tv’s.

2019 PiFF Streaming Film Fest

Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA Earth

Wednesday May 2 through Saturday May 6 2018

Proudly returning to the Gershman Y.

Welcome to our 11th year! With the Metropolitan City of Philadelphia as its pallet the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival brings together the innovation, technology, creativity, and diversity of film in a unique filmmaker exhibition ecosystem.

The festival was hatched in 2007 out of the mediabureau.com film initiative. The group had been meeting as part of the Philadelphia Underground Film Forum #puff #uff and with regular submissions and pent up demand in Philadelphia for Independent film, we launched the first festival in 2008. What was once a digital screening group has blossomed into an annual event attended by filmmakers from all over the world.

The festival programs 80+ original films a year across 12 genres and produces or sponsors yearly creative events since 1998. We like to discuss the films we program online and offline. During the most recent festival in 2017, we hosted 1,000+ film goers and filmmakers from 17 states and over 10 countries in 5 days. The vast majority of the festival program is world and local premier status.